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About Power Links
» Skills
» Projects Planning
» Site Management
» Quality Control
» Safety First
» Our Clients
» Architects/ Consultants
» Organisation Structure

We greet you and are happy to introduce us as Electrical Engineers and a Govt. licensed class I Electrical Contractors owning one of the well managed, experienced Company with name as POWER LINKS and POWER INFRA LINKS since 13 years.
We could reach the forefront and up the rank today on account of our modern technique in respect of work & innovative ideas with trained, industrious, experienced & technically qualified personnel, fully equipped with required infrastructure.
We have executed MEP relevant jobs such as H.T. & L.T. cable works, Substation works, supplying, erection and commissioning of HT & L.T. panels, Switch gears, Landscape lighting, BMS system, erection and commissioning of generator & control panels, Fire fighting, Fire detection, Fire Alarm Panel, HVAC, PHE System .

Mission Statement
  A client is the most important person for us. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not interruption on our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider on our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.
  The organization has competent workforce for Sales and marketing, design, project management, procurement, site management and after sales service.

Kindly find the skills the organiations can boast for:

• Electrical & Mech. and Plumbing Designing  (optional) and Execution
• Shop drawings
• Project programming (Timelines, manpower)
• Procurement
• Site management (manpower management)
• Co-ordination with project team (Client, Architect, Project manager and E&M Consultants.)
• Co-ordination with other agencies
• Quality control
• Safety
• Statutory compliances
• As-built documentation
• AMC – ( Annual Maintenance Contracts ) Services.
  Project Planning
  • Once the job is awarded, planning is assigned to the design team for design evaluation and drawing development and estimation of materials
• The Project management team works on the time schedules, procurement schedules and the manpower needs
• After a coordinated effort between these two teams, the procurement department gets all desired instructions on the procurement schedule and the cost targets
• The administration team works on the cash flow, insurance process and the team is prepared for execution
• The site management team is given instructions by the project management team on the schedules and mile stones to be achieved
• The quality checks, safety checks, mile stones achieved and measurements and the billing process is completely monitored by the management time to time
• Final testing process, as-built documentation is coordinated by the design team to ensure end results and handing over.
• The service team organizes all quality checks during the execution and final handing over process thus is achieved in a professional manner
  Site Management
  • The site management team takes inputs from the design team and the project management team and prepares for the execution. The team first analyses the drawings, time schedules and evaluates the team requirements. Each site team is provided with stores for material, necessary tools & tackles, communication equipment depending on the scale of the project
• The principle role of site management team is to coordinate with project team and fellow contractors to ensure smooth execution of the project. While the team prepares its targets for timely execution, it also ensures that the prerequisites are achieved by the fellow agencies by way of constant interaction and co-ordination.
• Reports are circulated by the site team to the Project management team on the progress updates, procurement team on the stock requirements and the project is administered based on this communication cycle
• Planned and surprise checks for quality and safety are conducted by the management time to time. The service team conducts checks on their own for safer and flawless operation of the systems
• Faultfinders can drop in any time to do their quality checks
• The site management team makes all efforts to meet all the demands.
• “We do not leave anything to chance.”
• “Quality is the result of constant endeavor to give better. It’s an endless process.”
  Quality Control
  •The entire complaint login system is computerized and complaints are tracked regularly and are attended at the earliest.  We make detailed schedule of clients and provide them timely services.  Besides regular scheduled servicing calls we also attain the unscheduled calls within 24 to 48 hours depending on the urgency and the location of the client.  We also maintain the track record of all our clients that gives us exact case history of each client.

• The management makes all efforts to make the team members aware of the benefits of good quality control and improving the same time to time. The management team analyses all on-going and past projects to device systems to improve quality. Check lists are prepared and circulated among the team members and all members are directed to comply with the same. These checklists are updated time to time based on the feedbacks from the current process. Responsibilities are divided to ensure focus Training is given to all members on new methods resulting in better quality. 

  Safety First
  •Safety is our primary concern. We guide all the working teams and the supervisors on all safety aspects. This is based on the guidelines for construction safety drafted in OSHA and the experience gained working with various MNCs under the guidance of safety experts of each organization. We also engage safety consultants to oversee the safety aspects by way of spot inspections to check whether the guidelines are followed or not.

• The teams are encouraged to use safety helmets, gloves, shoes, belts depending on the nature of work. All hot works such as welding and brazing are not allowed without fire extinguishers, Gloves and cover for eyes. First aid techniques are taught to team leaders and all sites carry first aid boxes

•Site teams following the safety standards are awarded spot incentives to encourage concern for safety. Teams violating the norms are monitored with dedicated safety guide nominated by the company and are given intensive training till they comply. 

  Our Clients
  Office /IT Facility : Tata Tea, Microchip Design (I) Pvt Ltd. Shahi Exports, CoCola, Luminous India Acropetal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Sigma Soft-tech park
Clean Room / Lab : IBAB – Bio-IT, Birla 3M India,Center for Human Genetics.
Industry : Rotork Controls & Gears (I) Pvt. Ltd, Megha Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. Ritto Machinery Works ( Unit of Mitsubishi Japan), Kamalam Handlooms Pvt. Ltd. Tyrolit India Pvt. Ltd. Natural Remidies Pvt. Ltd.
Commercial : JM Builders and developers, Chitradurga, Sterling Holiday Resort (P) Ltd. Chennai. Venkataraman Associates.
Residential : Janadhar Construction Pvt. Ltd. Damden Properties. Saaya Development, Vascon Engineers Ltd. Pune
Layout & Villas : Herbal Green City, Bangalore, ANS Construction Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, Zuari Garden City, KRS,Mysore
  Architects/ Consultants
• Venkataramanan Associates.
• Satya Design Associates
• Padmanabha & Associates
• iMprints
• Design Stellers
• Marvel Motif
• Melange
• Vivek Mezel Design
• Design Studio
• Shastri Associates
• IDICON Design Pvt. Ltd
• Chakrapani & Sons
• Pragrup
• Acme Designers
• A360
• Design Spot
• TeamTek Consultants
• Entask
• Stup Consultants
• M&E Consultants
• Nugy Consultants
• Engineering Design Consortium
• San Electrical Consultants
• Prasad Consultancy services
  Organization Structure
The core management of the organization consists of a multi functional team from the field of engineering and management with experience in various industries. Besides the above mentioned core techno-management team, we also have a pool of front line staff having years of successful working experience in the field of project designing, project management and execution of projects.

The team is well exposed to the specifications and standards set by the National and International Standard Institutions. So the client can expect and demand those same standards out of the works that we design.
Organization Structure  
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